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Parkwest String Quartet will provide the very best sound possible in party and wedding music. With numerous reviews, many awards, performances, and extensive repertoire like classical, and contemporary music to choose from Parkwest Strings has just the music to complement the unique atmosphere of your special event. Apart from traditional classical music, our highly experienced musicians have built up a reputation for specialising in contemporary pop and rock music, particularly arranged for our string quartet.  Our talented professional musicians can play Beethoven and Mozart, Led Zeppelin and more! You can choose from our extensive repertoire or discuss your own special musical requirements with us. If you need further persuading, simply view our reviews and hear samples of our playing.  

Wedding Ideas 
Your Music Dilemmas Solved!
If you’re looking for wedding ideas fabulous music will naturally be near the top of your to-do list. And if your wedding is to be held in or around Chicago, Parkwest String Quartet has the perfect music to crown your special day. Parkwest Strings combines artistic excellence, professionalism and experience to make your event truly memorable.  Our extensive repertoire includes music by the world's most beloved composers. With everything from Bach to Beatles, we provide music to fit any occasion! Visit our Wedding Page to learn more!  

Why Choose A String Quartet?
String Quartets have a long standing tradition of playing at events since the 17th Century and why not add some of that tradition to your event! The string quartet, comprised of two violins, viola, and cello, is considered the premier type of chamber ensemble and possesses the largest repertoire of all, allowing our clients the most thorough choice of music for their event. From light 16th century songs, through the energetic Baroque of Vivaldi and J. S. Bach, the uplifting Classical gems of Mozart and Haydn to the familiar melodies of the most popular music, the extensive repertoire of the Parkwest String Quartet will please even the most discerning of listeners.

Our String Ensembles

Whatever the occasion may be, Parkwest Strings provides string music of the highest quality tailored to your taste and needs to make your Miami dream event a reality. We offer three different string ensembles to better suit your personal taste and budget:

String Quartet
2 Violins, 1 Viola, 1 Cello –The String Quartet has a full orchestral sound and a vast repertoire. The quartet is one of the ensembles which, due to its versatility of repertoire, is a good choice and is suitable for larger events.

String Trio
1 Violin, 1 Viola, 1 Cello – The String Trio has a more delicate sound and is more suitable for smaller venues and events with fewer guests. Our trio repertoire is also large and varied and includes all the wedding music favourites.

String Duo
1 Violin, 1 Cello - The String Duo is a good choice for smaller venues and events. The duo also works well for wedding ceremonies. Less repertoire is written for duo, and it has a more intimate sound. 
String Quartet Music
We know that you want your wedding day to be especially and uniquely ‘you’. And that means choosing the music that you both love – whether it’s the grandeur or intimacy of traditional classical, the fun of contemporary pop or a mixture of both. And string quartet music is not only glorious to listen to – it’s also highly adaptable. Check out our repertoire for wedding music ideas inspiration. We are happy to help you select music for your wedding ceremony. Our clients typically choose a few songs they want to hear, usually for the main events of their ceremony such as the processional, recessional, and candle lighting, and leave the rest to us. We are comfortable designing a program around your choices, however many or few. We are happy to accomodate special requests! 

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P A R K W E S T  S T R I N G S

  "They were amazing!  The String Quartet sounded beautiful during our ceremony;
we couldn't be happier! I strongly recommend them if you want to
add a touch of high class to your event" - Ashley

 "We decided to go with a string trio and they were awesome.
The bride and groom had a version of a  Metallica song they wanted and
Parkwest was fantastic. Everyone loved them."
 - J. Medicino

  "Your string quartet was the biggest hit of our evening.
Everyone of every age was impressed and happy with  your music.
 It was awesome!" -

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